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The adventure begins

Passion always means embracing the endless possibilities of the unknown. As today, we are initiating a long walk looking for a door, to open a true, hidden for years. For us, Curfew is moreover a passion aimed to unlock the true. The true of history.

On recent years, the world has been shocked by the insurgency of terrorism worldwide. In every corner of our planet, people knows now the meaning of political violence, how some organizations want to seize power at any cost, sacrificing the most basic human rights, just to obtain absolute control over people's lives.

In Peru, we know the face of terrorism. Starting the decade of the eighties, Shining Path declared war to the Peruvian State. The cruelest terrorist organization of the Western Hemisphere bloodied the Peruvian Andes. The response of the State was also inadequate, reproducing some of the methods used by Shining Path to inspire terror among the poorest Andean communities.

The peasants were caught in the crossfire. At the end of the conflict, 70,000 Peruvians died.

Our film aims to reflect on these bloody years.

We want our images to give voice to the voiceless.

Bell tower where one of the scenes of Curfew will be filmed.

Bell tower where one of the scenes of Curfew will be filmed.